About Me:

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Hello wonderful people,

My name is William Dang, and I am the proud owner of William Dang Photography.

I started photography way back in 2014 when I found my family's owned DSLR Camera sitting in my house basement collecting dust. I then started using my family's camera to create moments and use these moments with my creativity at the time.

When I was younger, I always had been a creative person but I did not know how to show it. I tried showing my creativity through many mediums but wasn't satisfied with the result that I showed to people. The biggest influences that sparked my creativity were mostly music and clothing. 

I eventually found photography as a medium in 2014 and started to love it, but it was just something I did not take it seriously at the time.

I then tried to pursue a degree in Commerce at McMaster University in 2015 and did not enjoy what I was doing at first. In the second semester of first year, I started to realize that I wanted to pursue something related to Photography because of the overwhelming number of positive reactions people had with my photos. I was satisfied because I can finally show people the creative aspects of myself.

In my second year of university, I switched programs into something that was related to what I wanted to do in life with the medium that I love, and I am much happier. I started to become more involved with my work on my university campus and started to branch out to businesses like Brimz and local brands in Hamilton.

This whole journey of mine is just only the beginning, and I would love to share these beautiful moments with you beautiful people. 


William Dang



Contact Email: WilliamDangPhotography@gmail.com